Ride’n’Kiss tours in Thessaloniki during the winter time too


We are in the heart of the Greek winter but sunny days are still here with us so let’s take a ride with some customers


Ride’n’Kiss tours in SKG are suitable for all ages and best prove is the young lady that participated in our latest ride with great success! Clients enjoyed the winter sun, Thessaloniki’s history and monuments and great views from the city’s castle. As an extra offer from our guide due to free time we offered our clients a ride to the city’s marina in Aretsou area. The Olympus mountain view was spectacular. A coffe brake to a local cafeteria was a must and with a hot cup of coffee in our hands we had time to introduce to our clients secret details about life in our lovely city. Everybody took back home lots of pictures and we refresh our appointment for another unique “Ride’n’Kiss” tour in the future.

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